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My demo website for sale, could be any product, easy to manage and receive payments fast. Adsense Optimized Website

We will build a unique website fully optimized for a fast and effective indexing all over the web (Google, Yahoo, Blogs, DMOZ, RSS Readers, …)
Our secret ? We target the top paying/most searched Keywords. After 6 months Only this website is guaranteed to be indexed in first pages of the most known search engines.
We offer some high quality designs, a friendly user interface, full SEO Campaign, daily income after Only 6 months.


Adsense Optimized Website Adsense Optimized Website Adsense Optimized Website

We have what it takes to build your dream website

Adsense Optimized Website Adsense Optimized Website Adsense Optimized Website

Steps to build you cumstom website explained

Keyword Optimization:

We have access to the biggest keyword database derived from all the search engines. Access to search phrases that people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors. We will find 10 most profitable Keywords related to your industry, we build high quality content based on those keywords. This step is a key to success. We will contact you those keywords so you can continue building highly targeted content later on.

Domain name and hosting:

The Domain name of your Website (.com .org. ca .fr …) will target the high ranking keywords we found. We will propose you the best possibilities and You will chose the name you like most. You’ll grab it from Godaddy very cheap.

Website fonctionalities and Design:

People are more interactive with light beautiful websites. We take time to build responsive, beautiful templates, then we install plugins that add life to the website. More ? You will have your own administrator interface so you can manage and add content to your website very easy and without coding.

Writing the first content:

We will write the necessary pages like contact and Disclamer. Then we will write additional 5 High Quality Content pages, so the website can start to get indexed in search engines. Then you can start adding content based on the high quality keywords we will give you.

Link Building and search engines Submission:

Now we will start the link building process which consist of submitting your domain name to search engines and create backlinks from social media (facebook, reddit, digg…) and blogs from all over the web, we will also make a daily pings to RSS readers. This process is extended to a period of 30 days. This is because we do not want to get banned by search engines. We want to make a legit website not a quicky scam links.


Quick List Of What’s included in this Website Package


  • Full Website with a premium Design, Optimized for Mobiles Devices and Windows Store Apps
  • Keyword Research, and SEO Campaign, Adsense Full Optimization
  • 5 Content pages with high keyword targeting plus the about, contact, privacy pages
  • Free 1 Year Hosting with HostGator, Unlimited Bandwidth and storage
  • Link Building and search engines Submission – We will make at least 1600 links to your website
  • User interface – You can add your own content and create your articles and pages (No Coding)
  • Money back Guarantee – With No questions, no hard feelings – Just a money back


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